One of the tools we use to achieve depth of insight into the consumer is the ethnographic interview

  • Spending time with individuals in their own settings - home, work, shopping, in the car, in the bar, in front of the computer, etc..
  • Environments themselves provide a rich source of symbolic, cultural and personal references
    • Heighten our comprehension of relationships with products, services or brands
    • Provide insight into how that relationship can be translated into meaningful product benefits and compelling messaging
    • Being surrounded by meaningful possessions or familiar landmarks establish candor and honesty, and enhance our understanding of how the product, brand or service is integrated into their lives
    • Interactions among friends, family and co-workers add significant context and emotional depth to our understanding
  • The Meaning and Expression of Luxury
  • Pet Feeding and Care Experiences
  • Skin Care Rituals
  • User/Software Dynamic (games
    development, financial services, websites)
  • The In-Store Path
  • Bakery Experiences
  • Food Trends (Food Pros)
  • Defining Fresh
  • Food Choices and At-Home Prep
  • Emotional Underpinnings of Diabetes
  • Rituals of the Bar Scene
  • Perceptions of Classroom Tools (Software
    and Hardware) among Education Professionals
  • Benefits of Service Provider Relationship
    (Fortune 500 CEO, CFO, COO)