DDMH Worldwide has vast experience designing, fielding and providing strategic insights into a wide variety of studies. Maureen and Donatella started DDMH Worldwide in 1995 bringing together experience as partners in the marketing consultancy The B/R/S Group in Mill Valley, CA and in account planning at Hal Riney and Partners Advertising Agency in San Francisco.

Maureen Holt

Maureen consults with US and international clients providing in-depth understanding of consumer/user mindsets, experiences, perceptions and relationships with the product/brand. She delivers intuitive and targeted insights in a broad spectrum of categories including high tech (software and hardware), financial services, healthcare (patient and professional perspectives), pet care, retail, apparel, automotive, food and alcoholic beverages

She also has extensive experience with professional/business-to-business/academic populations

She received a BA in Psychology from McGill University in Canada and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University in England

Donatella Dina

Donatella consults with US and international clients in the development of brand positioning and brand advertising strategies. She has extensive experience in product development/re-positioning, product quality assessment, design research and advertising evaluation, and enjoys experimenting with new qual techniques and study design to deepen the engagement with consumers and the learning they can provide

Amongst the topics she focuses on are packaged goods, luxury goods, personal care products, financial services, automotive, and beverages (alcohol and non)

She received a BA in Psychology from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and an MA in Psychology from San Francisco State University